Writing Diagnostic Tests – Fellowship HEA


Written by Saad Qureshi

ThirdSpace HE has developed Writing Diagnosis Tests to complement and add interactivity to the rubrics we designed to improve your writing and scholarly skills for HEA fellowship.

Remember you can learn more on how to write a reflective statement here and also book a free place on the webinar which includes a free review of your draft reflective statement. You can also sign up to receive more free resources like this direct to your mailbox.

These tests are designed to provide further guidance on the assessment rubrics developed above. They will help you further understand the underlying approach to a successful fellowship application. Ideally you should aim to achieve ‘to a great extent’ in all the questions in the test. Ultimately, the quality of your actual application and reflective statement will determine whether you’re successful. Contact us for further guidance.

Writing Diagnostic Tests

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ThirdSpace HE Test – Associate Fellowship
ThirdSpace HE Test – Fellowship
ThirdSpace HE Test – Senior Fellowship
ThirdSpace HE Test – Principal Fellowship